Misty Forest Air Humidifier With Scent Diffusing Wood Pink

Rs. 1,049

Misty Forest Air Humidifier with Scent Diffusing Wood (Pink)
Size - 11*7.8*11 CM


Product Features:
✔ Small-sized design with exquisite decoration.
✔ Designed with soft nightlight with 7 colors for free choosing.
✔ Ensures whisper-quiet operation to provide a sound sleep even for baby.
✔ Made of skin-friendly ABS material. Clear frosted design.

How to Use:
✔ 1.Press the button to turn on the mist and light.
✔ 2.Press again, then it will stop spraying while the light will keep on.
✔ 3.Press for 3 seconds to choose light color.
✔ 4.Press for 3 seconds again to turn off the light.
✔ 5.Default lighting time: 1 hour. The light will automatically turn off an hour later.
✔ 6.Default spraying time: 4 hours. It will automatically turn off four hours later.

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