Ceramic Aroma Air Freshener Set

Rs. 720

Ceramic-aroma-air-freshener-Set of 1
Size : 7*7*11CM


Product Features:
✔ XIMIVOGUE Air Freshener with ceramic holders. This air freshener comes with ceramic holders and use them as per you go. The product comes in 3 different patterns (as shown in pic). The product consist of 1 holder, 1 top green pattern and 1 lavender fresh bottle.
✔ The product comes with 1 lavender fresh bottle (not 3).
✔ The fragrance of lavender is very good and will spread into your whole room.

✔ Put the 1-2 drops of lavender fresh bottle onto the diffuser and leave it. It will automatically spread the fragrance. Refer the package for detailed guide.

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