Cartoon Animal Design No Mess Nail Clippers Cat

Rs. 250

Size : 6.4*3.5*1CM


The stylish nail clippers cut fingernails and toenails with precision. The rubber cover is designed to prevent trimmings from splattering and to ensure smoother use.

Product Features:
✔ The nail clipper comes with sharp clip for fine and smooth experience.
✔ This cover comes in cat shape with smooth and fine touch.
✔ Adopts Premium steel to create premium nail clipper.
✔ It fits into nail shape perfectly so as to leave nails smooth.
✔ High Quality, comfortable handle for trimming nails with less efforts.
✔ Come in pink color.

✔ 1.Lift up the lever of the clippers and turn it in an 180° circular motion.
✔ 2.Place a nail between the two cutting blades and squeeze the upper lever and the lower parts together to clip the edge of the nail off.

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