Fish Bath Toy Set Jx222-63

Rs. 299

Only 3 pieces in stock!

Size : 6.2*6.3CM


Product Features:
✔ XIMIVOGUE Fish Bath Toy Set.
✔ This toy makes sound to arouse and amuse the interest of the children.
✔ The children can play with this toy while bathing by squeezing the them and floating them in the bath tub.
✔ The material used in this toy is soft and safe for the children.
✔ The set contains 6 different types of small toys for playing and enjoying the game.

Precautions / Warning :
✔ Adult supervision required. Please keep an eye on the children while he/she plays with the toy keep reduce the chances of accidental swallow.
✔ Do not let children play with the packaging. There are important information printed on the packaging. Please keep it for future reference.

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