Large Sized Oval Twin Bell Alarm Clock Pink

Rs. 599

Large-Sized Oval Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Pink)
Size - 10.5*5.2*12.6 CM


Product Features:
✔ Noiseless and accurate, simple, stylish and exquisite.
✔ Rings loudly. Designed with a nightlight.
✔ Stylish, elegant comes in pink color.
✔ Unique old style alarm clock with modern outlook.

✔ 1.How to load batteries: Open the lid of the battery compartment and load batteries of the right size according to negative and positive terminals.
✔ 2.How to set time: Clockwise rotate the time rotary knob until the clock hands point to the correct time.
✔ 3.How to set alarm: Counterclockwise rotate the alarm knob to set an alarm time, then turn on the switch of the clock.
✔ 4.How to turn off alarm: turn off the alarm switch.

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