5 In 1 Manicure Set With Cartoon Ice Cream Cone Case

Rs. 375

Size : 14.3*9.5*22 CM


Product Features:
✔ 1. Made of steel strip imported from Sweden.
✔ 2.Ergonomic handle with premium zinc alloy and anti-slip rubber to ensure easy operation.
✔ 3.Adopts creative craft to missing out hair waste for cleaner and smoother use.
✔ 4. 1 handle + 2 blades kit, cost-effective and durable.

✔ Nail file: Gently file and shape the edges of nails.
✔ Tweezers: Get as close to the root of the hair as possible and pull the excess dead skin of the hands and feet.
✔ Double-headed peeling knife: The fusiform design can pick out the dirt inside the nail and can easily clean the nail. Make your nails look cleaner and more beautiful.
✔ Eyebrow and nose hair scissors: Used for trimming nose hair and brow with ease.
✔ Nail clippers: For trimming fingernail and toe nail.

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