Striped Flower Hand Towel

Rs. 240 Rs. 299

Striped-flower-hand-towel (1 Pcs)
Size : 16*32CM


XIMIVOGUE designs are created in-house keeping in mind International design & quality. Our towels are sold in best of the supermarkets in Dubai, UAE, USA, Africa, Iran & many other countries. We believe towels are a very important part of hygiene as they come directly in contact with our skin, we make so much efforts to take care of our skin, then why settle for cheap quality towels.

Product Features:
✔ XIMIVOGUE Hand towel with super soft material.
✔ Easily absorbs the water and can be used multiple times without wash.
✔ This towel comes in dress shape of baby girl which looks very beautiful and add pleasure to your home.
✔ Easy to use, hand and wash.
✔ The super soft material won't hurt your hand while using it.

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