Cartoon Hedgehog Design Backpack For Children

Rs. 1,435

Cartoon-hedgehog-design-backpack-for-children(1 Pcs)
Size : 23.5*9*22.5CM


Product Features:
✔ XIMIVOGUE Cartoon Hedgehog Design Backpack For Children.
✔ Lovely and adorable, Leads the fashion trend.
✔ Very stylish rich and crisp color.
✔ Hedgehog design with long nose, hairs and eyes makes it very adorable for the children.
✔ Single large compartment makes it easy and convenient to put large size items in the bag.
✔ Super comfortable and smooth chain for easy access to the compartment by the children.
✔ Small in size, easy to carry all the time by the children.
✔ Travel Bag - Can be used as a travel bag for the children while going to picnic, relatives, friends etc.

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