Cherry Round Button Hair Rope For Children 4 Pcs

Rs. 135 Rs. 150

Cherry Round Button Hair Rope for Children (Single set - 4 Pcs)
Size - 4*4 CM


Product Features:
✔ XIMIVOGUE hair rubber bands. All-match and stylish. Made of high-quality eco-friendly material for durability.
✔ The elastic of the band is of superior quality so it won't loosen up easily and last longer.
✔ These bands are available in 4 different colors and each set contains 4 bands. In single order 4 same color bands will come as shown in the image.
✔ You will get 4 pieces in one set of hair band.
✔ The cherry share design is used in the hair band. The hair band looks very premium and stylish.

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